Tips on Hiring a Landscape Contractor

It is important to hire the proper person to do the job. If you’re thinking about making major landscaping changes, or are installing a new landscape,
seek the advice of a professional who specializes in residential projects. A good place to start is by looking at the SWMLA web site to find the names of potential landscape contractors.

Another designation to look for is CGIP, or Certified Green Industry Professional. Individuals with a CGIP certification receive extensive training and must have proven field experience and pass an exam. Many are employed at local garden centers and nurseries.

Another place to look would be in the local yellow pages under landscape architect or garden designer. Ask friends and neighbors whose yards you like for a referral. Know whom you are hiring.

A landscape architect is a licensed professional with a college degree who has passed the State Board Exam before receiving the Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) designation. Garden designers may also be able to provide you with a landscape plan. Check local retail nurseries to see if they are able to design a landscape plan.

As with hiring any contractor, be sure to check references and ask if you can view their past work. Professional landscaping is an investment that pays off every day in terms of enjoyment of your surroundings as well as when you decide to sell your home.